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  1. jaydee00

    Snowplow mounting on 2013 Wrangler

    Hey all, I’ve trying like crazy to find a plow mount for my Jeep to fit the plow that was left at my house. Just striking out. It’s a Meyer Ez mount plus and there’s a 05 dodge Dakota that it’s mounted too. I thought I’d find the brackets to mount it to my Jeep but no dice. Looking at the Dakota...
  2. B

    Jeep seizure while driving

    Has this happened to anyone? This randomly started happening while driving. No codes show. Once I stop and turn off the engine. Start back up. All the lights go away but after a couple mile, my JK starts having this seizure
  3. Austin__Peter

    New Axle Shaft won’t go in

    So, I got a new passenger side axle shaft for my Dana 44. When I go to put it in, it goes in, and I can feel the splines matching, but there’s still a couple inches of space, and it will slip. However, when I put my old one in, it seats all the way no problem. They have the same spline count...
  4. A

    I'm in a quandary

    Last year I had to sell my 2003 TJ for a variety of reasons...most notably because it was becoming difficult for my 93-year-old mother to get into it when I needed to drive her places, and it had some mechanical problems. Sooooo....I did the responsible thing, lol, and purchased a 2022 Hyundai...
  5. J

    HELP: What is that sound?

    Just picked up my 14' wrangler from the dealership, beautiful condition, 1 owner. Never heard this while test driving, of course. Based on the service report, it had the brakes and rotors replaced and brand new wheels and tires put on. Sounds like something rubbing on the rotor? Any help is...
  6. JPJK13

    Happy to be here. Need CarPlay

    Picked up my first Wrangler in February and quickly got to work. It was a bare bone Sport manual, manual windows/locks. No AC. Steel wheels. Promptly replaced the wheels with some other JK alloys from FB Marketplace and put 33”s on. Obviously went with some custom vinyl graphics and a few Dino...
  7. G

    Looking for music streaming options in my JKU Sport

    Hi all, Still trying to figure out my music situation (over a month in). I may just be dense, so bear with me. What do all JKU sports (very basic radio) runners use for music? I’m stuck using the radio? Do you just Bluetooth from your phone? Do you use something through the auxiliary port? If so...
  8. Johnhockey19

    Scraping sound when accelerating

    When I press the gas every once in a while I hear/ feel a scraping sound almost like a loose washer or something and usually in low gears but sometimes in higher ones.
  9. Gavlillie

    285 on 9in wide rim?

    Just bought new 17x9 rims for my jku, looking to get 285 70 r17s tô put on but the sites I look at say that that’s too big? Can I do it? Any advice for a good wheel size to look nice? Thanks!
  10. Gavlillie

    Tie Rods Drag Link Stabilizer Links Steering Stabilizer

    Tie Rods, Drag Link, Stabilizer Links, Steering Stabilizer, this is the list of things I just replaced on my 2012 JKU Sahara, I planned on doing this all and driving to my mechanic to have him do my ball joints and give me an alignment. After replacing all of that myself i drove it from my...
  11. Rubicon1978

    Trouble Finding 2016 Center Console Part

    I have searched everywhere I could imagine and have not been able to find the part in the center console that the armrest attaches to. I have found it being sold along with the entire back half of the console but I only need the one piece as mine has broken but the rest of the console is fine...
  12. D

    Anyone know what make / model of bumper I have?

    I recently purchased a used Jeep. I’d like to replace my fog lights but I don’t know what make and model of bumper I have. I assume I need to know to match sizes?
  13. J

    Insanely loud soft top noise

    We all know soft tops are loud, I've tried putting a bit of weather stripping in front to quiet it down but sometimes i feel like theres some sort of issue with mine as it's literally impossible to have a conversation at over 50mph... When i pull down on where the top meets the windshield its...
  14. ev4n13

    2015 Wrangler With a P0302 Code

    Hey Guys, So I have a 2015 Wrangler with 100 000km (No clue if plugs have been changed yet) throwing a Cylinder 2 misfire code. It went off then came back on shortly after. Runs like normal but the idle is very rough. Now I'm hoping this is not the dreaded head problem of the 2012s but if it is...
  15. tommycee3

    Where do these hooks on the inside of my Bestop soft top attach to?

    Hello everyone, I purchased this Jeep used a year ago so I wasn’t sure what soft top I had. Contacted Bestop today and it looks like I have something extremely similar to the Trektop NX Glide 2 Door. However, on the inside it has two clip hooks that appear to go around the sound bar. I cannot...
  16. Gavlillie

    Can I switch to 17" wheels from my 18" wheels?

    My 2012 Sahara came with the stock 65x70 r18 in rim , can i switch to a 65x70 r17 in rim without any noticeable difference or problems? Or should I stay away from that? Thanks
  17. Gavlillie

    Christmas Ideas

    My son has a JKU Sahara and I want to get him some things for it for Christmas, its completely stock besides headlights, any ideas? Thank you
  18. mfosler

    Turn signal / parking light issue

    A few weeks ago my driver's side front turn signal stopped working along with the parking light on my 2011 JKU. Put in a new bulb but still nothing. I replaced the actual lamp socket and was able to get the turn signal working again but not the running light. Also, when the parking lights are...
  19. J

    2008 JK coolant reservoir bubbling

    ***2008 wranlger*** I had a couple times where after driving for about 25 minutes, sitting at a traffic light it would seem to boil over- as in the reservoir was bubbling rapidly even after i turned the vehicle off. I got stationed in japan for a while and now im back to NY where i had my jeep...
  20. J

    Transfercase question

    New here and was wondering, i got a 2wd 2010 automatic jeep jk and converting it to 4wd. I found a used np241 but, was wondering if a 2017 jk transfercase will work that came off a manual transmission? Any help would be greatly appreciated