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  1. S

    Michigan 2011 Jeep Wrangler 2Dr W/Hemi Swap

    Deciding of moving on to other things in life. Jeep is in remarkable shape and has a 2017 Dodge Durango Hemi and transmission with now around 8000 miles from California. Offers are available. Swap from a shop alone is around $30,000 or more. Upgrades: • 4 inch Zone lift with Fox shocks • 5.7...
  2. MattJeeps501

    Jeep JK Radio Help

    2007 Jeep wrangler unlimited Sahara Hello, Recently the radio in my jeep has completely stopped working. I removed the radio and checked all wires/fuses but everything seemed fine. I figured the stock radio had gone bad due to age so I ordered a factory refurbished replacement to make...
  3. 2rivers

    Project Slim

    New to Jeeps let alone anything not a truck. But, in the 2 months of ownership have embraced and enjoyed wrenching on mine with the goal of going mild to wild with the build. 2010 2 Door Sport that is mostly stock. Purchased SLIM with the following aftermarket parts and accessories; SmittyBilt...
  4. J

    Plastic clip in oil pan and oil pick up tube

    2013 Wrangler JK giving a low engine oil code PO6DD causing it to go into limp mode. So we changed the oil filter cooling housing thinking it was one of the oil pressure sensors it was not lol. So we decided to change the oil pump after removing the oil pans I found a practice looking clip in...
  5. Echy

    2.5" lift kit questions

    Would love some advice. Looking at getting a 2.5 inch Teraflex lift kit with 9550 VSS Shocks for my overlanding Wrangler. In addition to the kit, I plan on getting a new drag link & steering stabilizer. Not a rock crawler or mud bogger, just an overlanding rig. Would there be anything else...
  6. Lxxtsy

    SOLD 5 JK rims

    5 jeep rims off 2017 JKU in good condition. 17x7.5 & bolt pattern 5 x 127 Prefer local pickup
  7. R

    2012 Sport / Stock wheels?

    Can someone tell me the stock wheel size of a 2012 wrangler sport 2dr? Ima buyer is asking me if they are “17 inch 5x127 =5x5” but I don’t know the proper way to measure, and I can’t find it stamped on the wheels anywhere and I don’t have the tires. Any help is appreciated.
  8. N

    Help Need an ABS control module

    2008 Jeep X needs a ABS control module. Can’t find one anywhere. ??
  9. A

    2016 Jeep Wrangler making sounds (bearing?)

    Been driving my fathers jeep since hes been out the country ... suddenly I start hearing a noise coming out the transmission I went to a shop near me and they said it sounds like the bearing I haven’t gotten them to actually look at it since they was about to close. It definitely has gotten...
  10. Sydney831

    Intermittent stalling

    So I have had my 2013 Jeep Wrangler sport for about 2 and a half years. In the las month and a half it has started stalling at red lights not all the time but often enough. It also jerks while I’m driving like it’s trying to shut off but can’t since we’re in motion. I got an oil change back in...
  11. L

    Michigan JK Hard Top Roof for Sale!

    4door black hard top roof In like new condition! Fits MY 2007 and newer 4door Wranglers I've removed it only a handful of times. There is a small surface scratch on rear pass side corner. Selling because I'm moving out of state and want to use the soft top full time. **Must be able to help...
  12. F

    Rhino Rack Compatibility for RTT

    Hey everyone, Im trying to find the right roof rack for a RTT for my 2016 4 door hardtop for an upcoming cross country trip. I ended up going with the IKamper Mini for the tent to have a hardtop that doesnt take up the whole roof. Now I am trying to piece together the rack system. It seems...
  13. SpidermanWrangler

    Idaho Nevermind

  14. S

    Jeep Overheating

    EDITED TO ADD: after replacing the radiator cap, the engine light came on later that day while I was driving and the code it gave us was "Engine coolant not getting to operating temperature" My 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with 92k miles began overheating a little over a month ago...
  15. RangerRick

    "A Jeep Rescue" Home for troubled Jeeps is at it again with another engine swap!

    I am now onto another engine swap over on sister website for anyone wishing to follow "A Jeep Rescue" The home for troubled Jeeps is at it again. This time we are swapping a Cummins 3.9L 4BT engine and 5-speed transmission into a CJ-7. Come watch our progress over on the...
  16. J

    Michigan HIKEIT X9

    HIKEIT X9. Used for a year in my Jeep. Sold the Jeep and no longer need. Worked perfect before pulling.
  17. J

    Mountain Edition JK Build Progress

    My lovely JK transformation, love her to death! I will gladly answer any questions.
  18. Billet2dr.jk

    Rear end components (NEED HELP)

    Hi everyone so I was driving a noticed that I would get a clunk from my rear end if I accelerated from a stop. I opened up my diff and found my spider gears chipped. Since I have a 2015 Willys I had the LSD rear end, i cant find the rebuild kit any where, every website i ordered it i end up...
  19. tommycee3

    Where do these hooks on the inside of my Bestop soft top attach to?

    Hello everyone, I purchased this Jeep used a year ago so I wasn’t sure what soft top I had. Contacted Bestop today and it looks like I have something extremely similar to the Trektop NX Glide 2 Door. However, on the inside it has two clip hooks that appear to go around the sound bar. I cannot...
  20. J

    Before and after pictures

    replaced the stock fenders with rough country tubular fender flares replaced the bumper with the barricade trail force HD front bumper (still need to replace the back) added the smittybilt gen2 x20 12,000 lb winch (already pulled a bunch of deadfall lodgepole pine up a hill) ordered the DV8...