1. Tonyvet0351

    Trying figure out what lift is installed

    I bought this jeep awhile ago and was already lifted. I added new wheels, tires, winch, bumpers. Want to swap out atleast the shocks, maybe the whole thing. I assumed Rough Country.
  2. C

    New York 07 Wrangler X - Built - No Rust

    2007 Jeep Wrangler 114k Miles, V6, 6 Speed Manual Perfect Summer & Winter Vehicle! The Frame Has No Rot, Only Minor Surface Rust, It's Always Been Garaged. Everything Works As It Should, All Maintenance Done On Time. Customized with many tasteful mods! 5.5" Rock Krawler Lift Brand New 35"...
  3. S

    Looking into buying jeeps but keep finding leaks (advice?)

    Hola all- been looking into joining the Jeep Wrangler family to have a summer car. Make good money but like most millennial - student debt out the ass. Was looking at wranglers under 6K in NJ which was a farce - every single one had tons of issues. I increased my budget to 10K at this point and...
  4. D

    Jeep problems, Can anyone help?

    I've been having this problem in my jeep where it seems like when I hit my first bumb in the road it almost goes into this limp mode. My engine light it always on. My traction control light will come on and it decreases engine power. It also will shift hard. If I turn the jeep off it will go...
  5. J

    Cold Radiator Cap After Driving

    Hi all. I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong area. I live in southeast Michigan. Our average temp right now is about 30° F. I have a 2014 2 door jeep JK with just under 70k. It was my wifes brand new, but we've got her a newer vehicle and I took the jeep. Anywho, I saw steam coming from...
  6. 417Willyz

    New Badge

    My Jeep is all black and my new wheels are kind of a bronze/gold color so I ordered a new ‘Trail Rated’ badge to replace the silver one that’s on now.
  7. JoesJeep

    Should Jeep Wranglers wave to Gladiators?

    Jeep Wranglers should not wave to Jeep Gladiators.