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New Member
Dec 4, 2021
New to Jeeps let alone anything not a truck. But, in the 2 months of ownership have embraced and enjoyed wrenching on mine with the goal of going mild to wild with the build.

2010 2 Door Sport that is mostly stock.

Purchased SLIM with the following aftermarket parts and accessories; SmittyBilt Soft Top, Rough Country 2.5″ Puck Lift, Flat Metal Fender Flares, 17″ Level 8 Wheels, 35×12.5R17 Goodyear Wrangler MT, EAG Front and Rear Bumpers, K&N Intake.

Also accompanied with; a Christmas themed dash, a bunch of plastic stickered all over the dash, 119K on the ticker, bald tires, sagging springs, a ratchet strap secured tire carrier... and other miscellaneous things which have since been remedied.

The wheels / tires were replaced almost immediately followed a week later by the JKS JSPEC lift. The front driver side had a 2" +/- sag that was so bad the front sway bar bolt was digging into the coil spring tower. Using simple hand tools, a few borrowed, I had the new JKS lift installed by myself in a weekend. It was also crazy how easy it was to realign the axle with the adjustable track bar.

Not sure what a new JK drives like, but it is night and day compared to the puck lift which felt like a rickety POS and was a white knuckler to drive.

Current Setup
  • Engine:3.8L V6
    • K&N Cold Air Intake
  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
  • Transfer Case: NV241
  • Front Axle: Dana 30
  • Rear Axle: Dana 44
    • MetalCloak Skid Plate
  • Suspension: JKS 2.5" JSPEC
  • Tires: Cooper STT Pro 35x12.5R15
  • Wheels: 15" American Racing Baja


Future Plans (No Order)
  • Winch
  • Dana 30 Gussets, Truss, Skid Plate
  • New Top
  • Rear Locker
  • Gears (Getting used to the slug)
  • Eyeing VKS Frame chop bumpers
  • Eyeing VKS Skids
  • Belly Skids
  • More to come