1. Kylenunn

    Mechanic installed big brake kit that doesn't fit my wheels

    I had a mechanic install a lift kit with wheels and tires i ordered a while ago and recently my brakes started going bad.I decided I wanted to go with a big brake kit and asked the same mechanic for his opinion and he recommend some brakes and gave me an invoice to buy and install them. I...
  2. Johnhockey19

    Is there any way to fix my rained on Alpine ilx-207 head unit?

    Last night I had my top down and it started pouring I put the top on as quickly as I could but my jeep got a decent amount of rain in it and when I went to drive it home my radio went black but I pressed some buttons on the bottom and it came back on and worked perfectly but this morning when I...
  3. K

    Starter is stuck on 2008 JK

    95% sure my starter went bad on my 2008 Jk and trying to take it out to get tested. 2 Bolts and nut on wiring came out fine but now the entire starter is glued to its housing and wont budge. Most presumably from rust build up. Any advice how to get it out myself before I take it to a shop?
  4. PaulSack

    Front differential problems

    I have a 4in lift 16 Wrangler JKU on 35s. I recently blew out the cv joint on my front drive shaft and wore out my tie rod ends & drag link. (MY FRONT DRIVE SHAFT IS STILL UNINSTALLED) I have also been hearing a clanking noise that goes faster as my tires RPM increases. I looked into it and most...