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  1. 0

    Early Vs Late Build 2007 Wrangler

    I'm trying to figure out when exactly the split was for early vs late build in regards to the park/turn lamp wiring on the 07 wrangler. Any ideas of a VIN split or perhaps a build month split? Included is a picture of the diagram I was able to find online that calls this out. Hopefully...
  2. buddcm81

    Looking at High Mileage JKU

    Hey all, Came across a 2014 JKU with 218,000 miles. CARFAX shows it was regularly serviced. This would not be a daily driver for me. Are there any owners out there with very high miles that has any input or advice on what to look at? How much can you get out of the 3.6 with regular service?
  3. 4

    California 2014 Supercharged Polar Edition 6 speed

    Rare Polar Edition. 57k miles. Fully loaded in great condition. Leather heated seats. Magnuson Supercharger, 6 speed manual. Metal Cloak lift. Brand new 35" tires. Front and rear bumpers, Warn Powerplant winch. Multiple Rigid lights. Roof rack with ladder. Lockable storage bins inside.
  4. A

    Price Opinion on 2018 Golden Eagle

    Been looking at a 2018 Golden Eagle JK edition from a dealer. Super clean, 13,600. Comes with 3-part hardtop as well as soft top. Never been off-road and soft top has never been put on. 2-door, power convenience package, manual transmission. LED lighting group, remote keyless entry, etc. Dealer...
  5. RangerRick

    California Brand NOS in boxes JK/JKUR RK X-Factor lift for sale in So. CA $2,300.00

    SELL FOR: $2,300 + any shipping. Old price: $2,800 + any shipping. Rock Krawler complete X-Factor suspension system complete with Bilstein shocks and AEV Pro-CAL programmer kit: This is a BRAND NEW never installed X-Factor suspension kit by Rock Krawler that I purchased for our JKUR that we...
  6. 2rivers

    Project Slim

    New to Jeeps let alone anything not a truck. But, in the 2 months of ownership have embraced and enjoyed wrenching on mine with the goal of going mild to wild with the build. 2010 2 Door Sport that is mostly stock. Purchased SLIM with the following aftermarket parts and accessories; SmittyBilt...
  7. T

    WTB: WTB/WANTED: Hard Top for 2-door JK series Jeep Wrangler (2007)

    I’m looking to purchase a gently used (& in good condition) hard top for my 2-door, 2007 Jeep Wrangler X (JK series). I live in Amarillo, TX. Please let me know what you have. Thank you,
  8. T

    New member from Texas, hello!

    Hi guys & gals, I’m the new guy and I’m from Texas. I have an ‘07 Jeep Wrangler X (JK Series, 2-door). I recently purchased this Jeep from my BIL. He has taken great care of it, and [he] has recently replaced items such as radiator, starter, alternator, and a few other items. Currently, my Jeep...
  9. J

    Plastic clip in oil pan and oil pick up tube

    2013 Wrangler JK giving a low engine oil code PO6DD causing it to go into limp mode. So we changed the oil filter cooling housing thinking it was one of the oil pressure sensors it was not lol. So we decided to change the oil pump after removing the oil pans I found a practice looking clip in...
  10. Echy

    2.5" lift kit questions

    Would love some advice. Looking at getting a 2.5 inch Teraflex lift kit with 9550 VSS Shocks for my overlanding Wrangler. In addition to the kit, I plan on getting a new drag link & steering stabilizer. Not a rock crawler or mud bogger, just an overlanding rig. Would there be anything else...
  11. G

    South Carolina TeraFlex 2.5" Budget Boost with shock extensions for JK/JKU

    Brand New TeraFlex 2.5" JK Performance Spacer Lift Kit will fit any 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU retail: $450 more info: includes: - 2 front 2.5" spring spacers - 2 front...
  12. Lxxtsy

    SOLD 5 JK rims

    5 jeep rims off 2017 JKU in good condition. 17x7.5 & bolt pattern 5 x 127 Prefer local pickup
  13. 2

    2016 Jeep JK Leaking

    Good Day I have a 2016 Jeep JK that's is leaking from one of the lines, I traced back and its not a trans line. Looks like an Oil cooling line , but can' t find any diagram that confirms that its an oil line, when traced it goes into the block bottom right of pully housing and across...
  14. P

    What is needed to run 35’s vs 37’s

    So being aTJ guys for yeas my buddy just bought a 2015 Rubicon Hard Rock edition. It is currently on 33’s but he would like to up size to 35’s or 37’s how much lift is needed and what else is needed such as gear, axels, steering ? PS it’s an auto trans thanks for your advise
  15. K

    Hissing Sound Coming from Tire

    Looking to get some input on an sound that I've been hearing for about a year. I have a 2013 2 Door JK and I've been hearing what I can only really describe as a hissing sound that seems to be coming from the back left tire. I only hear it when I'm driving and turn left, it's not terribly loud...
  16. dbollenbach

    2012 Jeep JK 2 door rear seat replacement!

    I just bought my 2012 2 door JK that didn’t have a back seat with the thought that “those will be easy to find. Boy was I WRONG!! Anyone know where I can buy an OEM one or have one for sale? Needs to be car seat compatible as well!
  17. NSAgent

    Manual one piece convertible top?

    Hiyo! I'm brand new to the jeep community and while I love myTop's power convertible soft top the price is steep and was curious if anyone has seen a manual top like it? [myTop](
  18. JPJK13

    Happy to be here. Need CarPlay

    Picked up my first Wrangler in February and quickly got to work. It was a bare bone Sport manual, manual windows/locks. No AC. Steel wheels. Promptly replaced the wheels with some other JK alloys from FB Marketplace and put 33”s on. Obviously went with some custom vinyl graphics and a few Dino...
  19. Mrapp229

    Going from a 2inch lift to a 4 inch

    I have a 2017 JK with a 2 inch rough country lift and was looking at going to a 4inch rough country anyone have any tips for doing so or a different lift kit
  20. M

    Exhaust Manifold debate

    I am new here and have been searching through the threads trying to find an answer to my question and it seems to be a topic of debate among Jeep enthusiast. I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X with the 6 speed manual transmission. It has a brand new (remanufactured) Jasper engine and we...