soft top

  1. M

    New Jersey JKU Soft Top 07-18

    I traded in my jeep wrangler for a better commuting car. Looking to sell the soft top with full frame and Jeep branded tool kit. Soft top is in good condition and comes with storage bag with window separations inside the bag. I cannot figure out how to post a picture on here but happy to take...
  2. L

    Roof rack for soft top

    Hi all. I have a 2013 Jeep wrangler with a soft top. I want to get a roof rack to hold a kayak and eventually a roof top tent. My question is, can you still take the top down and off with a roof rack? Is there a special rack to buy?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to...
  3. NSAgent

    Manual one piece convertible top?

    Hiyo! I'm brand new to the jeep community and while I love myTop's power convertible soft top the price is steep and was curious if anyone has seen a manual top like it? [myTop](
  4. N

    North Carolina Off Road Heros Multi Top for JK

    I purchased this Multi Top from Off Road Heros about 2 years ago for my sons 2008 JK. The full top was used for a couple of weeks but he decided to keep his hard top on 100% of the time due to storage security on base during deployments (newly minted US ARMY Officer). The top is in mint...
  5. 2017 Big Bear

    SOLD JK 2 door Premium Twill Soft Top

    Original OEM Sunrider soft top from my 2017 Big Bear 2 door Wrangler. This JK top was part of the factory Dual Top option and is in excellent condition. Comes with Tinted Windows and all necessary hardware for a complete installation. The hardware for this top will fit 2010-2018 JK 2 doors...
  6. D

    California JL unlimited soft top windows

    I have clear soft top windows that I replaced with tinted ones. All are in very good shape for Jl unlimited Can send pics as desired.
  7. A

    Bow Brackets for Soft Top

    Hi everyone! I recently sold my 2016 sport and upgraded to a 2017 Sahara, but I left my bow brackets for my soft top on the old Jeep. I can’t find the brackets I need anywhere I’ve looked all over the place and the same brackets keep showing up that don’t work. Does anybody know where I can find...
  8. JFaciane

    Questions about the soft top on this 2007 JKU

    Hello everyone, new to the forum and I figured this would be the place to ask this question. I’m planning on purchasing a 2007 JKU Sport but it comes with a soft top I’ve never seen before. It surrounds all four windows with the plastic type you would see on a soft top in the back, but I’ve...
  9. C

    New York Soft top

    i have a brand new soft top for 2007-2017 jeep 4 door part number 1ya88fxae all in boxes and bags from the dealer never opened or installed 2000 new want 850 for everything call or text seven one six nine four nine 0939 chris
  10. J

    Insanely loud soft top noise

    We all know soft tops are loud, I've tried putting a bit of weather stripping in front to quiet it down but sometimes i feel like theres some sort of issue with mine as it's literally impossible to have a conversation at over 50mph... When i pull down on where the top meets the windshield its...
  11. P

    Pennsylvania Bestop nx glide off a 2018 jku for sale

    Nx glide twill soft top for 4 door jku, off a 2018, used 2 summers. Currently off the jeep stored inside a padded storage bag.
  12. tommycee3

    Where do these hooks on the inside of my Bestop soft top attach to?

    Hello everyone, I purchased this Jeep used a year ago so I wasn’t sure what soft top I had. Contacted Bestop today and it looks like I have something extremely similar to the Trektop NX Glide 2 Door. However, on the inside it has two clip hooks that appear to go around the sound bar. I cannot...
  13. stevenhorr

    Replace Soft Top or Just Window?

    Greetings. I have a 2014 2-door Sport and I accidentally trashed the rear window one winter. Taped it with gator tape, no big deal. I decided this year to replace it but the local Jeep dealership quoted me at 590$ canadian for a replacement window set. Thinking this was way too much money for...
  14. M

    Is this a rollbar bracket?

    I was checking a 2015 (or maybe 2016) JK unlimited soft top off craigslist and the roll bar brackets seems to be missing and have what's shown in the attached picture instead. Are these valid brackets or I need to remove those and buy new brackets? And what's the oval plastic part shown in the...
  15. K

    Pennsylvania For Sale: Bestop Supertop (with tinted windows) for Unlimited

    I have a Bestop Supertop with tinted windows for sale. It was only used for 2 summers. I no longer use it and am planning to get rid of my Jeep here soon. There is minor normal wear and tear to the top. There is no major sun damage or scratches. There are absolutely no tears in the material. It...
  16. Workerbee33

    Oregon 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK top and half doors

    I have a brand new NX Trek Frameless top woth tinted windows, Factory half doors in silver with soft uppers and hard glass sliding uppers. I would like to sell this as a kit and will update pics tonight or i can text you pics. None of the items have been used and the doors are complete. I have...
  17. Dr23ew23

    Best Tire Carrier To Get?

    Just upgraded to 35 in Yokohama tires and need an upgraded tire carrier. Bought a relocation bracket off Amazon, and let’s just say I’ll be returning it. Please help.
  18. Jake5

    Rear Soft Top Windows Won't Latch Into Place

    Hey everyone! I just bought a used 2013 JKU With a soft top and have been experiencing some trouble fitting the rear windows onto it. There is a pesky gap on both sides that I’ve tried time and time again to close up but the wind blows them out every time. I went to the dealer and he said it...
  19. L

    Looking to trade premium softtop for hardtop. (OBO)

    Need a hardtop between 2012 and 2017.
  20. shann0n

    First Time Jeep Owner Here's My Mods

    First time owner of 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport Mods: - Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 all-terrain tires - Shark Grille - Black Diamond Soft Top Jeeps just need some love! <3