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  1. T

    UPDATE: Engine turns over on second attempt - every time

    2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon I have recently noticed that when I turn my ignition to the ON position, the battery light stays on and that’s when the vehicle will not start unless I take it out, crank it ON again, and then the battery light disappears and is able to turn the engine on. I’ve...
  2. MattJeeps501

    Jeep JK Radio Help

    2007 Jeep wrangler unlimited Sahara Hello, Recently the radio in my jeep has completely stopped working. I removed the radio and checked all wires/fuses but everything seemed fine. I figured the stock radio had gone bad due to age so I ordered a factory refurbished replacement to make...
  3. JPJK13

    Happy to be here. Need CarPlay

    Picked up my first Wrangler in February and quickly got to work. It was a bare bone Sport manual, manual windows/locks. No AC. Steel wheels. Promptly replaced the wheels with some other JK alloys from FB Marketplace and put 33”s on. Obviously went with some custom vinyl graphics and a few Dino...
  4. Tasha

    After market radio?

    I am new to the Jeep world and just picked up a 2015 Wrangler Willys and would like to get the radio swapped out to possibly a touch screen. All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. G

    Looking for music streaming options in my JKU Sport

    Hi all, Still trying to figure out my music situation (over a month in). I may just be dense, so bear with me. What do all JKU sports (very basic radio) runners use for music? I’m stuck using the radio? Do you just Bluetooth from your phone? Do you use something through the auxiliary port? If so...
  6. Johnhockey19

    Is there any way to fix my rained on Alpine ilx-207 head unit?

    Last night I had my top down and it started pouring I put the top on as quickly as I could but my jeep got a decent amount of rain in it and when I went to drive it home my radio went black but I pressed some buttons on the bottom and it came back on and worked perfectly but this morning when I...
  7. J

    Aftermarket replacement radio / nav for 2014 JKU

    I've got the 430N RHB (MOPAR replacement part number 5091338AI) in my 2014 JKU. It died over the weekend. I phoned a dealer in Canada and they said the replacement is $2700! and it doesn't even matter since it's discontinued and there is no compatible replacement. So now I'm looking for an...
  8. C

    Swapping the factory radio for the factory 430N touch-screen head unit

    I currently have 2015 JKU Sahara with a non touch screen radio and was offered a touch screen OEM for $100. I would like to switch to the touch screen so I would be able to have Bluetooth. Just wondering if there was anything else I would have to buy to get this option. My Jeep does have...
  9. Dylsan934

    Uconnect problems

    I have a 2013 jk and recently had the heater core replaced. After getting my Jeep back I noticed that my phone was connected to Bluetooth but there was no sound coming out. The am/fm radio works fine. I decided to try to forget my Jeep as a device on my phone and repair it to see it that would...
  10. R

    North Carolina 2017 430N Head Unit

    Removed from 2017 JKU Sahara. Good as new. Upgraded to an Alpine system and don’t need this anymore.
  11. D

    Speaker bar popping followed by muting

    Every time I try to play my music from my BT my speakers will pop every few seconds then go silent for a second then come back on. It does this every few seconds. When I turn on my FM/AM radio the volume is set at 0 and won't turn up. Does anyone know how to fix this? Does this mean my speakers...
  12. 417Willyz

    Mississippi Complete Factory Alpine Stereo

    I replaced the whole stereo in my Jeep and i’m wanting to get rid of the factory Alpine system. On my window sticker it goes by ‘Alpine premium 9-speakers w/all-weather subwoofer’. That option on the 2018 JKU was $995. It consists of the CD player head unit with satellite and Bluetooth, four...