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Uconnect problems


New Member
Dec 24, 2020
I have a 2013 jk and recently had the heater core replaced. After getting my Jeep back I noticed that my phone was connected to Bluetooth but there was no sound coming out. The am/fm radio works fine. I decided to try to forget my Jeep as a device on my phone and repair it to see it that would work. Now when I hit the uconnect phone button to try to repair my phone there is no audible beep or prompt to repair my phone. I have the factory radio that is not touch screen. I’m not sure if when they pulled the dash out that there was a fuse or wire that didn’t get hooked back up correctly. I pulled out the radio and everything looks good coming into it. Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this issue?


Staff Member
Lifetime Supporting Member
Feb 22, 2020
Huntington In
My guess that something got unplugged when they repaired your heater. Take your glove box all the way out and look over to the left for some wires coming down from the radio area for a connector unplugged or partially together.
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