need help

  1. Chicon1007


    Ok, so I purchased a used 2015 2dr jk, it has a lift on it. After research I've com to the conclusion, well according to the numbers on the coil springs, that it's a pro comp 2.5 to 3" lift. With that being said, I noticed the other day that my Rear driver's side spring had shifted about 3"...
  2. Radios812

    Trying To Figure Out What Lift Kit I Have

    Bought the Jeep a couple years ago. Want to remove the lift. I don’t know what kind of lift it is. I want to know what I’m going to need to replace before I just dive in. 2010 Unlimited Rubicon Any help is appreciated!
  3. Gavlillie

    Tie Rods Drag Link Stabilizer Links Steering Stabilizer

    Tie Rods, Drag Link, Stabilizer Links, Steering Stabilizer, this is the list of things I just replaced on my 2012 JKU Sahara, I planned on doing this all and driving to my mechanic to have him do my ball joints and give me an alignment. After replacing all of that myself i drove it from my...
  4. Johnhockey19

    Vibration in jk

    I have a four door manual jk and I had gotten into an accident and when it came back from the shop the was a vibration or rumble in the pedal and driver seat when I pushed on the gas and the vibration was still there when in neutral the shop said they didn’t see anything but it definitely feels...