1. B

    Wiring issue with center control panel

    Hello! I have a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and recently ran into an issue with the center control panel. I went to turn up the fan speed, and suddenly everything on the control panel went dark and the climate control fan stopped running. I later found out when I got home that my...
  2. TheRonster

    Overlander axles, re-gear and lockers costs?

    Hi guys, I have a few questions about axles, and I hope someone can help me out or clarify a few things for me. I have a JKU 14' Sahara with 3" Teraflex lift and a front runner roof rack(RTT coming soon) and 35" KO2 tires and factory gears. So sluggish af with all the drag haha not to forget...
  3. SlimKasey

    Should I replace the u-joints or the entire axle shafts?

    Just got word the stock U-joints on my JK Dana 30 are going. Lots of clicking and play. Is it better or easier to replace the U-joints? Or replace the axles? Not a lot of off-roads, thoughts?
  4. J

    Rubicon lockers not working after new gears

    I had new gears redone to 5.13 and now both the lockers aren't working. Before the new gears the rear was locking no problem, the front wasnt locking but I was told by a shop that was because the front gears were all worn hence why I got new gears. Could it possibly be something simple like the...
  5. J

    Loose pinion yoke problem. Am I being screwed over?

    Hi there, this is my first ever forum post so please excuse anything I do wrong. And I thank you greatly in advance for any info or help you can provide. To give some back story. I have a 2008 jku rubicon. About a month ago I had the gears changed for a set of 5.13s, I was also having some...