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Fun! P0520 oil pressure sensor



JK Enthusiast
Dec 11, 2020
New Jersey
New dilemma: my go-to mechanic doesnt want to risk going in to replace the sensor and housing because he says there's "a chance" I screwed up when I did my lifters and rockers, thus causing the issue. 😳 Which in my opinion is BS, because I did it in Aug and have been driving it since with no problems.

I asked him if he could test the sensor once we remove it and his excuse is that it's too small to really test and may be too fragile. Seriously! Then I ask can we check the pressure someway, maybe with an OBD scanner, and he said the computer relies on the sensor and he has nowhere to connect and check pressure- So basically, NO, he doesn't want to do it. He ultimately admitted that if he goes in and replaces the sensor and the housing and the light continues to illuminate, I will not be a happy customer. Which he's correct.

So either I use one of my other two mechanics or I do it myself. FML!
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