turn signal

  1. JoeyG

    Drivers side turn signal only turns off when the passenger side is turned on

    I have a 2013 JKU with aftermarket LED headlights, turn signals, and fog lights. a couple weeks ago the driver side signal would not turn off with the lever returning to the center position, but once the passenger side signal was engaged the left would turn off, now it is on constantly and only...
  2. mfosler

    Turn signal / parking light issue

    A few weeks ago my driver's side front turn signal stopped working along with the parking light on my 2011 JKU. Put in a new bulb but still nothing. I replaced the actual lamp socket and was able to get the turn signal working again but not the running light. Also, when the parking lights are...
  3. LPick6

    Halo Turn Signal Going Fast

    I just put in new halo headlights.The turn signal(which is now in the headlight its self) is now going way faster than normal. How can I fix this? A new flasher? Solid state flasher?