1. ev4n13

    2015 Wrangler With a P0302 Code

    Hey Guys, So I have a 2015 Wrangler with 100 000km (No clue if plugs have been changed yet) throwing a Cylinder 2 misfire code. It went off then came back on shortly after. Runs like normal but the idle is very rough. Now I'm hoping this is not the dreaded head problem of the 2012s but if it is...
  2. Johnhockey19

    Vibration in jk

    I have a four door manual jk and I had gotten into an accident and when it came back from the shop the was a vibration or rumble in the pedal and driver seat when I pushed on the gas and the vibration was still there when in neutral the shop said they didn’t see anything but it definitely feels...
  3. J

    Rubicon lockers not working after new gears

    I had new gears redone to 5.13 and now both the lockers aren't working. Before the new gears the rear was locking no problem, the front wasnt locking but I was told by a shop that was because the front gears were all worn hence why I got new gears. Could it possibly be something simple like the...