1. Csdrtr

    P0301 misfire

    Hey guys I’m new here. So I have a 2007 Jeep Sahara. It’s got a p0301 code that is active which indicates a cylinder 1 misfire. I’ve replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil pack and a fuel injector for the #1 cylinder but nothing has fixed it. Has anyone else had this issue? If so...
  2. D

    Engine misfiring

    Hello, I’ve got a 2011 jk, after mild overheating problems, i blew my head gasket. I proceeded to replace both head gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, water pump, spark plugs, spark plug cables. I burped the coolant system of air and refilled with coolant fully. After all this my Jeep now does...
  3. C

    P0304, misfire, and rough idle

    Hello to all JK folks, I have an 07 JK named Petunia (its my wifes, and I did not name her, but we love her just the same.) Anyway, shes got 114k+ and we replaced a cracked header with shorty stainless heads. Now theres a misfire, which started on Cyl 4, and I just replaced it, but theres still...