1. arcjeeper

    Silver Bullet 2017 JKU

    Well I bought Silver Bullet in Jul of '17. I bought a no frills Sport model instead of the Rubicon. Seriously, no frills, I don't even have power locks/windows. My reasoning was most of the stuff I pay extra for on the Rubicon I would either be taking it off when doing a lift, or I just...
  2. 2rivers

    Project Slim

    New to Jeeps let alone anything not a truck. But, in the 2 months of ownership have embraced and enjoyed wrenching on mine with the goal of going mild to wild with the build. 2010 2 Door Sport that is mostly stock. Purchased SLIM with the following aftermarket parts and accessories; SmittyBilt...
  3. Meatman

    Off Road Insurance Question

    Chris, thanks for the welcome wagon. So... in my continued build and improvements for more off roading, do you, or should you notify insurance of the increased value of the parts added to the Jeep? Fenders, Wheels, Drive Shafts, bla bla bla. ???? Or does that just increase your insurance...