1. mattybrass

    Factory Grille Insert Replacement

    I have a 16 JKU Sahara with the silver grille inserts/headlight bezels which i dislike and want to replace with black ones. I found black bezels for the lights so that's not an issue but for the headlights I've heard all of the ones available on Amazon are only if you don't have factory inserts...
  2. J

    Front bumper and gril

    Does anyone know where I can find this bumper????
  3. 417Willyz

    New Grille

    Just got my matte black grille in today. I saw a picture of a factory gloss black Wrangler with a matte black grille and I thought it looked good, so i’m copying it. On my factory grille I went with a one-piece steel mesh insert but with this matte grille I decided to try the mesh inserts. The...