1. T

    New member from Texas, hello!

    Hi guys & gals, I’m the new guy and I’m from Texas. I have an ‘07 Jeep Wrangler X (JK Series, 2-door). I recently purchased this Jeep from my BIL. He has taken great care of it, and [he] has recently replaced items such as radiator, starter, alternator, and a few other items. Currently, my Jeep...
  2. El Diablo Rojo

    Won't start - 2007

    Hi, New here. My Jeep has been having trouble starting. It was giving the gas cap error...when it first comes on you can hear a vibration from the rear of the vehicle. Then it got to where it didn't start...so I checked the battery posts and noticed the neg was loose. I tightened it and the...
  3. JFaciane

    Questions about the soft top on this 2007 JKU

    Hello everyone, new to the forum and I figured this would be the place to ask this question. I’m planning on purchasing a 2007 JKU Sport but it comes with a soft top I’ve never seen before. It surrounds all four windows with the plastic type you would see on a soft top in the back, but I’ve...