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    Little quick one one 2N08

    Big Bear,CA Going next weekend to death valley, so I needed to see some greenery before :)
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    Little quick one one 2N08

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    Back up camera options

    You need an adapter for the factory radio, the link i gave for the kit i got included it. It's literally rca video only to a little white brick, 3 inches.
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    Fall is coming

    That's a beautiful pup!
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    Got to be careful out there

    It's amazing that the passenger survived!
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    Installed Cascadia 4x4 solar system and i love it

    It was a bit pricey, but I loved the concept and the fact it gives me 100W of solar without losing real estate with acc up to 10A and trickle charge the battery as well. Overall install is really straight forward, just need time to properly mark and measure. I drove at 80ish mph in the desert...
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    How can I achieve a softer ride?

    I think the rancho 5000x are highly recommended on and off road. Not sure why you'd need 2" lift if you're not planning to leave the asphalt, for tires BFG K02 are also amazing on and offroad. My 2cts.
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    Alright, battery was indeed the issue. 12.35v steady 😍
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    yeah doesn't want to go over 11.5V using the charger... i went ahead and ordered an Optima yellow top H6 one... hopefully that'll last.
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    Jeep Instagram

    i own a 4dr and my TJ is a 2 half doors :P but i will still check it out!
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    Ok so I did a small video looking at the voltmeter. The battery is totally unhooked from everything... Does that mean the battery is dead, or is there is a way to fix that? Video link For people who don't want / can't watch the video.. it's a 1min video where voltage drops from 11.44 to 11.39...
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    Hu is the headunit (radio/nav) pulse repair is a way to charge difficult batteries, can take 24/48h but I usually had good results with my TJ's battery. Well, I'm going to wait patiently till it shows full and check with the voltmeter again just on the battery disconnected to see if I lose voltage.
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    Yesterday morning car barely started , checked the voltage and it was under 10.0v oO... engine starting goes back up to 13.7v... I thought, because I changed the HU that I might have a faulty ground somewhere, so I decided to remove and unplug the whole HU... I charged the battery again and...
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    Back up camera options

    Nice man! Cool little project!
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    Well I did it

    So i know how much hate across forums and YT this head unit has. But i decided to go ahead and try it myself, bein android savvy! ordered the latest and greatest from Seicane.. running Android 10 with 4Go of ram on board. it shipped to my door in less than 2 weeks by DHL. Having the Alpine amp...