Should 150k miles deter me from buying this 2011 JK?


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Mar 24, 2020
Nashua, NH
I second the plugs and wires. I bought mine last summer in July '20 w/ 118K miles. I just finished replacing my plugs a few minutes ago (122K miles) and the engine idles about 50% smoother and the acceleration is smoother and improved. Looking at the plugs, the PO did not replace them at around 100k miles like he/she should have. Glad I did.... now, I need to get wires and a coil. Should be simple to swap. If I had a 3.6... I would've had to take the damn intake off I believe. Almost glad I have the 3.8L, but have driven a 3.6 Pent and I do love that too.

And I can definitely attest to BLACKJKU's recommendation of a Pedal Commander.... definitely helps you from the 0-3000 rpm range and maintaining speed on the slight grades on a long trip.

Good luck with your hunt, you'll love it.
I just ordered a knock off version of the pedal commander on Amazon. $70 vs. $300. I can't wait to try it.


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May 13, 2020
I have them on the bench - it will be bitter cold this weekend. Maybe I will clean the garage so I can bring the Jeep inside and spend the day tinkering in comfort. I have been avoiding this since getting the plug wires off is a @#$% nightmare - and getting to the passenger side rear plug is really a nightmare. I think that I might have to go the taking the front wheel off route.
I didn't think it was that bad. I think the only things I removed were the air box and the plug adapter things. I think I used a 12" extender and a wobble to a magnetic spark plug socket. It was a bit of fun, but nothing like the 3.6.

That being said, it was warm out. I currently need to change out the upstream left o2 sensor... no garage, it can wait.


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Jun 27, 2020
British Columbia
I don't think so. I'd take it to a local garage and have them look it over. If the vehicle is lifted, I always assume problems.
Exactly what he said. If they can't prove the lift is a reputable brand and how old it is based on reciepts it's worth less than it was stock.
If you see fresh paint on the frame that is either really good or really bad. Bring a screwdriver with you and stab the frame with it anywhere you see rust or lumpy paint and along the bottom. If the frame doesn't feel solid all around pass on the jeep.