Shafer Trail, Moab - gotta try if you haven't


JK Enthusiast
Jul 8, 2020
If you haven't done Shafer Trail in Moab, UT - it's a must.

Did a family trip w/the little ones and this trail was just right (couple of hours w/ a stop for lunch).

The YouTube videos don't do it any justice. They say you can do it in a regular SUV, but without 4lo to slow you down some steep inclines - I'd be scared shitless to lose my brakes and fall 1100 feet.

You can go from the top (Canyonlands Nat'l Park/$30 for 7 days) or come in from Potash Rd and work your way to the top. There are other trails that branch off also. You'll go by the Colorado river and Deadhouse Point (Thelma & Louise spot from the movie).

This is a mild trail, but kicks ass with breathtaking views.

No cell reception a lot of the trail (it was great for me).

Gemini Bridges was also cool with views, might as well try that if you're out in Moab and have children that'll get bored if you go take a longer OHV trail like I do with the guys.