OBX Jeep Invasion 2022


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Jun 15, 2020
Nashville, NC
Headed to Nag's Head Saturday for a 5 day mini-vacation. We rent a little cottage a block off the beach and rolled into town as the OBX Jeep Invasion 2022 was in full swing. The beach crawl on Saturday morning was very limited due to the recent storm and there is still some sand removal taking place. Unfortunately, we didn't get tickets in time, but the beach is now requiring tires at 20psi.
Regardless we got to the lighthouse to lighthouse run from Bodie Island to Hatteras, which was a line of over 200 Jeeps.

Jeep Invasion 1.jpg

Jeep Invasion 2.jpg

Jeep Invasion 3.jpg

Wife and kids had a blast!

Jeep Invasion 4.jpg

Jeep Invasion 5.jpg
Jeep Invasion 8.jpg
Jeep Invasion 9.jpg