Lifetime powertrain warranty buyout

I am not a lawyer, but that has always been my understanding as well. They're not in the parts business. They're in the new car business.

Correct! They want to stop making parts as soon as they can because then they can just force people into buying new cars.

Planned obsolesce is a very unfortunate part of the auto industry (and almost every industry for that matter).
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I am following because I have an '08 Wrangler with an active powertrain warranty. I just had a cracked exhaust manifold that was repaired under warranty. The first dealer that I took it to (that I had been going to for years) didn't seem to want to replace it because they told me it was on backorder and that they would let me know when it came in, and then I never heard from them again. I ended up taking it to another dealer and they fixed it with no problem. They also fixed the oil leak from the oil pan, which was also under warranty. The first dealer used to talk to me about how Chrysler was buying out the warranties, and that they might make me an offer, but I told them that it wasn't an aftermarket warranty and that it was part of the vehicle and included in the purchase price, so they couldn't buy me out. I don't know if that's true or not, but they eventually stopped bringing it up. At that time, they did a lot of warranty work on my Jeep (I don't remember exactly what, but I remember seeing the paperwork and it was about $2800), and then they ended up replacing the neutral safety switch inside the transmission after that. My Jeep has 369,000 miles on it, and is due for it's in-service date was Feb 2008, so it's coming up on it's third 5-year inspection soon. I hope they don't try to back out of it. I have jumped through all of their hoops to maintain it, so they have no real legal reason to cancel their warranty but that doesn't mean they won't try.
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I am not a lawyer, but that has always been my understanding as well. They're not in the parts business. They're in the new car business.
i am going through this same situation with my 09 dakota. motor blew after only 140,000 miles. they dont make the motor anymore. there first offer was for $5200. that was just last week. they came back a few days ago with a $7500 offer. blue book on the high end is about $10k. plus they should compensate me for the loss of my warranty. about $8k - $10k to put a new crate motor in it. so they owe me at least that, plus what happens if i put a new motor in it and it needs a new trans in another 10k miles. they r getting off real easy on this. i wont take less then $15,000 to compensate me for the new motor and the warranty.
They were actively looking for Mopar parts to repair a cracked manifold. The couldn’t locate one. Finally they found one that was not an Mopar part but allowed it with the warranty. The service guy at the dealership told me that I needed a new engine but that Mopar was gonna try everything they could do to just repair it until it went out. I got it back and it was still running hot and leaking water into the engine. I brought it back to them and they determined that it was then time to get a new engine(unsure of what the exact diagnosis is). This was in late February. They have kept me in a rental or loaner since that time as they have been looking for an engine. It took them over a month to determine that. Evidently the communication between the dealership and Mopar is slow. Mopar makes them jump through several hoops in order to diagnose the issue. They have been looking for a new engine since. Finally Mopar decided to offer a buy out. So you feel like that I should take a low end trade in value for my jeep because they decided to stop making my engine or parts for it ? Are you kidding? The markel value for that jeep right now is upwards of the 12k range with a running engine (which is their responsibility). They are wanting to get out of these warranties and this is their plan to do so. It’s not fair to those of us who have kept the Jeeps and maintained them for Mopar to do this. I want them to either fix my jeep and maintain my warranty or compensate me for both. I don’t think that is being unreasonable. They alone caused this mess
What was the outcome? I had the same issue, needed a new engine and it was approved and installed. Less than a year later the heads are leaking coolant because they put in a bad engine.. or didn't plain the heads. Now they won't stand behind the bad engine they installed and want to buy me out of the warranty. I am interested in how you made out.