Is this normal routing for rear brake lines?



More questions, sorry. New Jeep owner. Is this normal routing for rear brake lines? They're just hanging out there (see photos). Never paid attention to anyone else's Jeep. Maybe for rock crawling when a wheel gets extended?


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They need to get fixed / secured. Hard to tell from the pictures but it appears the Jeep is lifted so longer lines may be needed, but not just floating light that. They can be secured in different spots which allow them to extend when needed, but stay out of harms way. But in general they look a little too long overall, but hard to tell.
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Yeah, it's lifted. I'm taking it in tomorrow to have some other things looked at so I'll add this to the list. Thanks.
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Anybody willing to grab a photo of theirs to see how they're supposed to be routed?
Thanks for taking the time to get the photos. Looking at yours I thought maybe mine needs to be routed behind that bar like yours is (don't know what that bar is called) but I just looked and mine are already behind it.

Mine is a 3.5" lift, according to the guy I bought it from. Maybe I just need a shorter line.

So I took my Jeep to the shop to have some things looked at and I asked them to look at the brake lines. They say they can rotate the line connector (or whatever it's called) so that the "L" is vertical rather than horizontal as it is now. They believe it will then "tuck" the line up closer toward the front like some of the other photos here.

I'll be putting on new AT tires soon so I'll have them do that then. We'll see, I suppose.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 180611.jpg
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Yes I believe it should be pointed up. I “think” you could loosen the bolt just a little and rotate it 90 degrees and be okay. If some fluid does come out you could bleed the brakes, it wouldn’t take much to bleed them as I can’t image that much would come out.