Identifying front wheel speed sensor


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Dec 11, 2020
New Jersey
As luck would have it, I installed Teraflex brake like / ABS extenders and, of course, the driver side wheel sensor fails. Figured easy job. Picked one up at Napa but it doesn't fit! every single aftermarket one that I looked at, including the Mopar, looks different than the one in my jeep. So I'm left with only one option: replace the wheel hub.🤬 Unless, of course someone can identify or give me an idea what brand this speed sensor might be? Any help or comments appreciated.

2013 Sahara 4 door - for sure the current hub is an aftermarket that came with what may be a proprietary sensor. FML

Left, is the one I need. Right, is the OE that doesn't fit:

Does it look like this one, if you put the mouse on the sensor it will make it larger.

Thank you, @BLACKJKU It doesn't appear to be that one. It's literally a shorter cylindrical shape, rather than the more common tip

I appreciate you sharing a link though! 🤘 Im thinking it'll be time to replace the hubs. Its literally always something, but I created this mess trying to do a simple 'improvement'. LIFE OF JRKOFF lol
Is there a number or anything stamped on the one you need/pulled out?

It looks like an older model (pre-2008) speed sensor. Here's a pic of a 2005 Wrangler transaxle speed sensor I found:

View attachment 123738

FOUND IT. Totally random discovery after going to Auto Zone to see what they had in stock. of course they didn't have anything but their own house brand. The gentleman at the store proceeded to tell me it's actually a Moog bearing rebranded under their house name. That's when I went online to look up the reviews and and I saw the photo (below) that a customer posted:

Discovering this, Im happy to replace the bearing knowing its a DURALAST and that the sensor is proprietary. To me, the change of bearing will be an upgrade.

Going either SKF or Moog (both made in Korea) or a SPICER, which happens to be a very affordable option and (allegedly) US made. To be honest, I've had great results with Korean manufactured Moog front end parts on my TJ so Im not too concerned. But of course, only time will tell.

Like you suggested @Anybodyhome- I looked at every inch of the sensor cable hoping to find an identifying number but no luck. I also noted that the earlier JK's (3.8 engine) had a different sensor but it attaches to the cable, unlike the one's w the 3.6

Thank you all for chiming in with feedback. You people are awesome!
Hi I’m having the same issue with my 2011 JK. Where did you find the sensor?
I did not find a sensor, unfortunately. I went ahead and changed my entire wheel bearing hub assembly to a Spicer wheel hub. If God forbid something went wrong with it I could replace it the speed sensor. I will no longer purchase any aftermarket parts that have multiple pieces attached for example, Dorman.
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