Burning smell coming from front right tire


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Nov 29, 2020
I have a 2012 JK with 135000 miles. I can smell a burning smell coming from the front right tire and the lug nuts are very hot to touch. When I brake it pulls left a little. I recently replaced the wheel bearing hub assembly on the front right tire. The bearing went out while driving with the telltale steering wheel vibration and pulling hard to that side. Once the bearing was replaced all seemed well. Then I noticed a smell coming from that same tire. I replaced the caliper and brake pads cause I thought the original caliper was catching. It drove well for a few days before I noticed the burning smell. And I can feel it pull right while driving and then pull left when braking. I didn’t over tighten the spindle nut to the best of my knowledge. I tightened it on with the correct torque specs. And sometimes I can smell the but I I’m at a loss for what this could be now. Any help would be great


Dec 2, 2020
Milford NJ
Agree with above that your caliper is still sticking and that since you replaced the caliper, it's a good chance your brake line is restricting fluid flow especially the caliper's release. This seems to be such a common issue. I too had it and just did the lines as part of the caliper replacement. You should also do a fluid flush and replace while there.
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