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AEV 2.5" lift - steering questions - advice needed

Steve JK

New Member
Aug 11, 2021
Yardley, PA
I'm about to have an AEV 2.5" lift installed on my 2009 JK 2-door (67,000 miles). I will be having the geometry correction brackets and a Fox steering stabilizer installed as well. My plan is to run 285/70r17 or 285/75r17 tires on it as well.

Should I have the ball joints replaced when the lift is installed? What ball joints do you recommend? Teraflex?

Are there any other steering related upgrades that I should definitely do at the same time?


Staff Member
Lifetime Supporting Member
Feb 22, 2020
Huntington In
No need to replace the balljoints if they don't need it, at 67,000 miles they shouldn't. I'd put adjustable track bars on the front and rear so the axles are kept centered under the Jeep.
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JK Enthusiast
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Jan 2, 2020
Greenville, SC
You can check your ball joints. Jack it up and try to wiggle tire top to bottom. If any movement then yes, replace ball joints.
If you do replace them go with an HD version. Teraflex makes a good one.
With geometry correction brackets you don't have to get adjustable track bars but they are nice to have to really dial it in or for later down the road if you change your lift.