transfer case

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    Hello. New to the forum but not Jeeps

    BTW ... I need a jku rubicon transfer case for a manual shift. 2007-2011. I’ve looked in the for sale area. Hopefully someone will have one. Lol I doubt it though.
  2. O

    Check engine light on after transfer case fluid change

    Need HELP! Just changed the fluid on transfer case (60K Service). I used MOPAR's ATF+4 SYNTHETIC. I have on my 2014 JKU Manual 6 Spd Sport - (lifted, on 35s - incase that matters) I was only able to get 2 quarts in before fluid came out of the fill hole when I was adding the new ATF+4. When i...
  3. J

    High pitch squeak in 4lo

    The last time I was in 4lo I noticed a high pitch squeaking sound while driving. I switched to 4hi and 2wd and no longer heard the noise. Is the a problem with my T-case?