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  1. Steve JK

    will 285/75R17 tire with a 5.2" backspaced wheel fit on a stock 2009 JK?

    Question: will 285/75r17 with a 5.2" backspaced wheel fit on a stock 2009 JK (X model)? I'm going to be doing a 2.5" AEV lift in January, but need to take delivery of my wheels and tires at the end of December, so rather than have the tires/wheels laying around, I figured I'd get them...
  2. I

    Texas Set of 4 17” OEM Jeep Rubicon wheels and tires for sale

  3. T

    Advice on wheels and going to 37 inch tires

    I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited and currently want to move my tires up from 33's to 37's and also get new rims as well. I dont go offroad often and i drive on road alot and just wanted to get an opinion on what tires to look for and what would be best for the type of driving I do...