1. kvelazquez13

    Suspension Height (2-door)

    I’m looking to buy a suspension lift for my 2015 rubicon 2-door, but I am having trouble to deciding how big I should go. This is a daily driver that I only do some light off-roading in so I wanted to know what a reasonable height would be. My initial thoughts are 2.5 inches, but I was wondering...
  2. parkerdaley

    Is this used 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara a good purchase?

    2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, $19,700, ~60,000 miles, 3.8L V-6 cyl, 4WD Hi, This will be my first time purchasing a Jeep, and I'm wondering if this used car seems like a safe/reliable purchase? It has...
  3. OHDirty

    Virginia Best shop in Northern, Virginia?

    Might have got myself in over my head on a project. Specifically Axle Seals. Any shop recommendations in Northern VA who will do Labor-only work without adding 20-30% mark up to their labor costs?
  4. J

    Clunking/knocking sound from rear

    The past several times I've been light wheeling I've been hearing a clunk or knock sound from what sounds like the passenger rear quarter. It almost sounds like I'm bottoming out or hitting bumpstop but the sound happens on very minor stuff, just driving down the trail. But I haven't noticed the...
  5. Bubslipknot101

    Best lift under $1,500?

    Ok everyone, So, in y'alls opinion, what is the best possible 3.5in or greater suspension lift that's under around $1,500? With or without shocks Also, I'm looking for a new track bar, steering stabilizer, draglink, and also need either a new tie rod or tie rod ends. Keep in mind this will...