1. J

    2018 JK new speaker install: Polk DB652 speakers

    2018 JKU Speakers: (4) Polk DB652 I wanted to replace the soundbar and dash knee speakers while still using the factory head unit. I read the polk db652 speakers are great for this and make for an easy install with a harness plug 'n' play if you will. After spending an hour getting the speaker...
  2. D

    Speaker bar popping followed by muting

    Every time I try to play my music from my BT my speakers will pop every few seconds then go silent for a second then come back on. It does this every few seconds. When I turn on my FM/AM radio the volume is set at 0 and won't turn up. Does anyone know how to fix this? Does this mean my speakers...
  3. 417Willyz

    What should I price this factory Alpine sound system at?

    I took the whole factory stereo out of my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited one month after I bought the Jeep new. I am wondering what price I should ask for it? It was the $995 optional Alpine system. It includes, Factory CD Player w/SiriusXM 4 Alpine Tweeters 4 Alpine Midrange Speakers...