1. H

    No heat on 2015 Hard Rock Unlimited with auto climate control

    I've looked over existing threads to no avail. I have had no work performed on the Jeep other than my Oil Changes and Tire rotations in the past 2 years. The Climate control works perfectly for cooling but this morning we were leaving the Mountains in Virginia and it was cold enough to need heat...
  2. Zaythedad

    Heater issues

    Okay I so purchased the 13 JK in summer. Heater seemed fine but that was dead summer as well fast forward to this week Colorado was dumped on with snow and I needed to use the heater boom issue number 1: heater will only blow kinda warmout of passenger side vents and cold out of driver side...
  3. chuckz8

    Trouble controlling air temp

    Hello Forum, I just replaced the air temperature actuator for the 2nd time in my 2014 Rubicon. Both times the actuator was skipping gears, making that grinding noise. After replacing this last time seemed everything was working as expected for several days. Now I am having the air pegged on...