dana 44

  1. bburk3388

    Newbie Upgrade Clarification:

    I have had quite a few new in modified four-wheel-drive trucks in the past. It seems like all you needed was a lift kit tires and wheels and we’re good to go. Six months ago I switched over to a jeep to modify and hit the trails of North Carolina and Tennessee. already I enjoyed the Jeep life...
  2. Ggwcjr

    Weird sound coming from Dana 44

    I cant figure out what this sound is coming from the rear differential of my 2010 Rubicon. Any and all advise would be helpful.
  3. O

    Trac Lok? Differential Fluid Question

    I've done some digging around and can't seem to find the straight answer. I have a 2014 JKU Sport w/ 2.5 lift on 35s & need to change the diff fluid (I'm slightly beyond the 30K interval - it's at 64K miles) I ordered the 4qts of MOPAR 80w-90 gear oil for the job. It looks like i've got a...
  4. J

    Loose pinion yoke problem. Am I being screwed over?

    Hi there, this is my first ever forum post so please excuse anything I do wrong. And I thank you greatly in advance for any info or help you can provide. To give some back story. I have a 2008 jku rubicon. About a month ago I had the gears changed for a set of 5.13s, I was also having some...