1. Totalbswellness

    DIY JK storage platform build...

    This is the vid of building the version 2.0 of this platform. I was a touring musician and used to having to conceal expensive gear. Now as I overland with expensive gear, I got together with another musician/carpenter and we made this platform. I also just secured some more solid storage...
  2. FoxHole

    What size fridge will fit behind the driver's seat?

    First post here!! I have a 2015 JKU, and I'm wondering what the largest size fridge will fit behind the drivers side rear seat. I will be getting a slide under it too, which will make it taller and hit the top of the rear seat. I've been looking at Dometic and ARB models, but without actually...
  3. Rprieto30

    California Camping at Anza Borrego

    Hey, what’s up everybody. Has anyone been out camping in Anza Borrego, not in the park. If you have how is it? Do you pick spots out of the trail to camp or? Just general info would be cool. Thanks in advanced!