1. efitzger

    Colorado Powerstop Z36 Extreme Duty Kit (front and rear with rotors/ calipers/ pads) $500

    I've got some BRAND NEW PowerStopZ36 Extreme brake kits available on a HALF PRICE SALE! Kit is for BOTH front and rear (you can separate into only front or only rear if you prefer for 1/2 cost = $250.00) Full Kits include: 1) (4) Cross drilled/ slotted PowerStop Rotors (Front and rear) - heavy...
  2. wackz

    2012 brake bleeding issue

    Just a quick problem, I have a 2012 jk 4dr sahara. I just replaced all brakes and rotors, I bled the system however the drivers side will not bleed, even if i press on the brake pedal i get drips of brake fluid out of the line when caliper is disconnected. So it doesnt seem like it the caliper...
  3. J

    HELP: What is that sound?

    Just picked up my 14' wrangler from the dealership, beautiful condition, 1 owner. Never heard this while test driving, of course. Based on the service report, it had the brakes and rotors replaced and brand new wheels and tires put on. Sounds like something rubbing on the rotor? Any help is...