1. Nikvrho2

    New York Brand new battery for Jk ACDelco group 48 Gold 100$

    Selling a brand new ACDELCO high reserve battery, CCA 770 -we got it for free as a warranty and already bought a new one! It is group 48 for jk, brand new, tag says factory May 2022! Great opportunity to get a new battery cheap!
  2. D

    2009 JK X gauge cluster lights all come on with no power

    So this is a long one so bear with me. I was driving my Jeep and after about two hours of driving, the battery light came on (its never done this). I was heading up snowboarding and after a day on the mountain, I go to start my jeep with no issue, starts right up. All of the sudden when idling...
  3. R

    Battery dead (again)

    I have a 2018 JK Unlimited and I’m now on my second dead battery. Each battery has lasted only 12-16 months. Is this just crappy Mopar batteries or do these Jeeps have known electrical issues? Oh, and I took the battery to my local dealership to swap it out under warranty (Mopar has a 2 year...