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  1. J

    2018 JK new speaker install: Polk DB652 speakers

    2018 JKU Speakers: (4) Polk DB652 I wanted to replace the soundbar and dash knee speakers while still using the factory head unit. I read the polk db652 speakers are great for this and make for an easy install with a harness plug 'n' play if you will. After spending an hour getting the speaker...
  2. JPJK13

    Happy to be here. Need CarPlay

    Picked up my first Wrangler in February and quickly got to work. It was a bare bone Sport manual, manual windows/locks. No AC. Steel wheels. Promptly replaced the wheels with some other JK alloys from FB Marketplace and put 33”s on. Obviously went with some custom vinyl graphics and a few Dino...
  3. G

    Looking for music streaming options in my JKU Sport

    Hi all, Still trying to figure out my music situation (over a month in). I may just be dense, so bear with me. What do all JKU sports (very basic radio) runners use for music? I’m stuck using the radio? Do you just Bluetooth from your phone? Do you use something through the auxiliary port? If so...
  4. csfrench83

    Has anyone built a custom sub enclosure for their JK?

    Has anyone built a custom sub enclosure for the JK? I'm hoping to put it in the cubby on the floor in the back or mount to the side. Anyone done this? If so, can you share pics and how you did it? Thanks!