1. B

    2014 first major modification- front bumper

    Hi fellow Jeepers thanks for the ad! I bought a 2014 2 door Black JK in August and have been itching to modify all winter. I’m ready to pull the trigger on a new front bumper- the stock one is blah. I’m hopeful Someone is willing to share advice, experience, comments on which one to choose...
  2. MKempf

    2014 2-Door JK Driver Seat Storage

    I have looked all over and can't find an absolute yes or no answer on my question. I own a 2014 2-Door JK and I'm looking for a lockable drawer that will fit under the DRIVERS seat (Not Passanger Seat) for lockable storage. Everywhere I look some people say that theses safes will fit and others...
  3. stevenhorr

    Replace Soft Top or Just Window?

    Greetings. I have a 2014 2-door Sport and I accidentally trashed the rear window one winter. Taped it with gator tape, no big deal. I decided this year to replace it but the local Jeep dealership quoted me at 590$ canadian for a replacement window set. Thinking this was way too much money for...