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    Lifetime powertrain warranty buyout

    Coming on here to get legal advise is not going to get you far. Afraid you're going to need to lawyer up. Problem is that Chrysler knows that and it's $$$ so they can make the offer they did. So you have to decide, take the offer or get a lawyer who may or may not get you additional $$$ that...
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    Equipment needed to flat tow

    I set my jeep up last year. You basically need: - a base plate bolted to Jeep to attach tow bar to. - Tow bar - braking system for jeep - break away system - Braking/turn lights for the jeep - Safety cables I found someone on craigslist that had everything except base plate Blue Ox tow bar Foot...
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    Jeep Wrangler build delays

    I was camping in NW PA last fall and chatting with a fellow camper from Kentucky. He worked for Ford and explained they are building trucks and cars. At the end of the line they plug in a chip, drive the vehicle off the line into the storage lot, pull the chip and plug it into the next vehicle...
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    Oil change and check engine issue

    You need the Code, could be way to many things going on. As said - first check oil level, very, very important. Is the jeep running ok?
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    How can I turn my JKU into a camper?

    Here is a 2 door version
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    4.56 too much for 3.8 and manual?

    You know you don't have to go 80 mph.
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    Best scanner tool

    Problem with purchasing a fine piece of equipment like that, then everyone is looking for some free scanning.
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    Having no heat while I drive or when I put the blower on full blast

    A stuck open or missing Thermostat can cause cooler heater air. Air in the system can cause all kinds of cooling system problems
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    Help for finding repair parts

    As said above, would not waste time and $$$ until you determine drivability, frame, driveline alignment. Have you driven it? There are salvage yards and used parts finder to help
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    Ninja Grille?

    It kinda matches the dented bumper corner.
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    JK Rubicon fluids and brake service reality check

    Every time I took my cars in for Tires (3 cars this year) they always come back with you need new brakes. As said above, brake fluid you can visually see if it's dirty. Pads you can worm around on the ground and see how much pad is left. Oh and each of these cars were 60%+ left on the pads
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    Spare tire mount suggestions

    I had three and no key. Hour and a half later I finally got them off and replaced with non-locks but you make a good point. I only have stock rims but if I had expensive rims/tires then a lock would be a good idea
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    What did you do to your JK today?

    Looks super sturdy. I guess with that on there is no removing the hard top without taking the rack off.
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    Ducking Jeeps

    I got a chance to talk to my ducker, nice guy I think he got ducked and his daughter got him to keep it up. I never continued with it, I'm an old Fart minelabbob - Nice jeep - love that color - Why so angry:mad:
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    Wheel Lock Key

    I went to put my spare (Original rim with TPM) back onto car. It was on with 3 lock lugs and surprise surprise no key. An hour+ later, vise grips, oversized socket I finally got them off. Good locks, good design and I'm so happy I did this in my driveway, not on the side of the road in the rain...