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Recent content by Claymore

  1. Claymore

    Cam shaft is broken. Making ticking noise in engine.

    My 2018 jku had that problem at 45,000 miles. Luckily, I had just bought it from a dealer and they covered it under a warranty.
  2. Claymore

    New shoes

    I will leave them at 28 psi thanks for the info.
  3. Claymore

    New shoes

    Speaking of airing down, I plan on running my Toyo Open Country III 12.5\70-17 tires at 28-30 pounds. When you run them at that pressure, does it affect wear and rotation?
  4. Claymore

    Compatible engine swap

    If you are going to take it to a shop, be sure to verify that they have done this job multiple times, and recently. I say this because I began a relatively straightforward lift and gear change a week before Christmas. Unfortunately the shop has undergone an almost complete personnel change...
  5. Claymore

    Getting the itch

    Last year, March 21st to be exact, I floated down the Grand River a few miles on an inflatable raft. It looks like that won't be possible this year. It's currently 18 degrees. I really am tired of Winter!
  6. Claymore

    When to use 4 Hi

    That's a long time! Thanks again!
  7. Claymore

    When to use 4 Hi

    Thanks again for clearing up a rookie's confusion. I do appreciate it
  8. Claymore

    When to use 4 Hi

    I was thinking top speeds of 25-30. I didn't go with the locker in the front. I had a conversation with some guys that were under the impression that 4 Hi could be used on all road conditions. You confirmed my belief that 4 Hi is for off road or when 2 Hi. Doesn't provide enough traction...
  9. Claymore

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Good question!
  10. Claymore

    When to use 4 Hi

    When the road is covered with snow can I shift into 4 Hi, and drive normally? If there are dry patches do I need to go back to 2Hi? How fast can I drive in 4 Hi? I have a 2018 wrangler JKU if that makes a difference in capabilities.
  11. Claymore

    What did you do to your JK today?

    I will be applying it as soon as I get the winter beater back on the road.
  12. Claymore

    What did you do to your JK today?

    I am going to check out the fluid film. It looks like this rig will get more use in the snow and salt than originally planned.
  13. Claymore

    2015 JKU Undercarriage Protection

    That's how I do it. Or plan on doing it. My Winter beater is getting up there in miles and the unforseen repairs are adding up this Winter.
  14. Claymore

    What did you do to your JK today?

    I would much rather get snow than ice. It's easy to get rolling in snow, but impossible to stop quickly on a big sheet of ice.
  15. Claymore

    How do I tell the TPMS that 30-32 psi is normal so the low tire pressure warning doesn't come on?

    I didn't know about Jscan until I started reading the posts on this forum. You guys have provided a lot of information that t I appreciate.