What should I price this factory Alpine sound system at?


JK Enthusiast
Jan 30, 2020
Springfield Missouri
I took the whole factory stereo out of my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited one month after I bought the Jeep new. I am wondering what price I should ask for it? It was the $995 optional Alpine system. It includes,

Factory CD Player w/SiriusXM
4 Alpine Tweeters
4 Alpine Midrange Speakers
All-Weather Subwoofer
Factory Amplifier (Not Pictured)
Cargo Cover For Subwoofer
Cargo Floor Mat
It was a $995 option, a $500 item the minute it rolled off the dealership and now you might get $200. You might want to target it on Jeep classifieds or FB Marketplace if they have a Jeep section.
Good luck.
I agree with @Anybodyhome

The factory Alpine option is terrible. I mean maybe it's marginally better than the base system, but compared to a good aftermarket setup, it's just crap.

However, people will buy it. I'd price it at $500 and be prepared to take $200 for a quick sale.