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Weird stalling question.


New Member
Oct 6, 2021
My 2011 3.8l manual JK Sport does something I’ve never see on any vehicle I’ve owned before. Occasionally I’ll let the clutch out too quickly with not enough throttle and the rpm’s will drop momentarily to just a couple hundred and feel like it’s going to stall out. On any vehicle I’ve had before, I’ll just push in the clutch a bit and hit the gas and the engine will rev right back up. Not this Jeep. If I push the clutch in and don’t touch the gas pedal, the engine will sit there and sputter at a couple hundred rpm’s forever but will never come back up to normal rpm. As soon as I hit the gas at all it will stall out. It restarts fine and idles and drives normal. Anyone else seen this behavior? Is it a wrangler thing or is there a fix?