Trac Lok? Diff Fluid Question


New Member
Feb 13, 2020
I've done some digging around and can't seem to find the straight answer. I have a 2014 JKU Sport w/ 2.5 lift on 35s & need to change the diff fluid (I'm slightly beyond the 30K interval - it's at 64K miles)

I ordered the 4qts of MOPAR 80w-90 gear oil for the job. It looks like i've got a DANA44 Rear axel. Does my rear diff require the MOPAR limited slip additive?
There is no tag showing it has trac-lok and user manual doesnt call it out. I dont have bottle jacks handy to spin one wheel at the moment.

additive im wondering about....Genuine Mopar Fluid 4318060AC Limited Slip Additive - 4 oz. Bottle

Thanks for any help!