Some basic Jeep (and 4x4 in general) questions


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Nov 29, 2019
I was very fortunate to pick up a one owner 2015 JK last Friday with only 32k miles. This is my first jeep and my first real off-road vehicle. When it was originally purchased new from the dealership it has a full K2 package installed from Rocky Ridge Custom Trucks. I contacted them and had them send me the list of everything that was done.

One thing I noticed was that it has "adjustable front and rear track bars". What is that for/do and is that something I would need to adjust when going off road?

Also, it appears that the previous owner had ARB lockers and a compressor installed. I would engage the lockers and air down the tires when wheeling, right?

Sorry for the n00b questions but like I's all new to me and I want to make sure I have an idea on what I have and how to use it. :)


Aug 30, 2019
Awesome looking rig, congrats! Adjustable Track bars are necessary to center the axle once the geometry is changed from factory. The lift changed it, so the track bars center it.
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Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
When you raise the vehicle with a lift, the track bars from the factory are fixed length. So you've got a bar that attaches to one end of the frame, and one end of the axle. As you lift it, the axle becomes pulled to one side, and off-center laterally. An adjustable track bar is only used in conjunction with a lift, and gives you the ability to center the axle laterally under the Jeep once you lift it.

ARB lockers are excellent. They are arguably the best locker out there.

Generally what you would do is go hit the trails, air down, and get as far as you can without using the lockers. Once you start to get into some tuff stuff, engage the rear locker. If you still need more traction, you can engage the front as well. Remember that driving around with the lockers engaged will make it very hard to make sharp turns, so you generally only want them on when you need them on.

Congrats on that excellent looking JKU!