Roof rack questions


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Mar 17, 2024
I purchased my jeep back in April and with the warmer temperatures would like to remove the freedom panels. But my roof rack is snug against it and removing it might be more troublesome. As the rack is attached to the roll cage through the hardtop, it looks like the roll cage has been replaced. I’m not sure if this is a custom rack or someone has seen these before. I realize the pictures aren’t very good, I can post some that shows how it attaches tomorrow.



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Since you were not the one to install it, do you actually use the roof rack? If it were mine I would take it off and never look back, but one of the reasons I purchased my Wrangler was to enjoy the open air experience. I realize everyone has different priorities...
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There's no name=plate or stamp anywhere? It doesn't look familiar to me.
I've had the Smittybuilt Defender rack for nearly as long as I've had my Jeep and I wouldn't have it any other way. Tops come of and into the padded back and up to the rack. I have a couple large dogs, so the rack carries everything else when the dogs are with me.

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From your pictures, It looks like you should have enough clearance to remove the freedom panels. Jeep looks good though!
Yeah, the storage area inside the rack measures about 4.5' x 4.5'. I have a Reese cargo bag that measures 37x30x16 that fits nicely if I need to carry a few bags. This one is considered weather "resistant" and was only $30. The waterproof version is close to $100.

With the panels off the front edge of the rack is about 6" behind the top opening.


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