Jeep JKU 2010 Sahara clicking/tapping when turning right


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Oct 6, 2021
United States
Hey everyone,

I have a 2010 jku sahara with 167,000 miles. 35 tires, 1.5 spidertrax, 2.5 inch factory two package lift with ranchos. I put on the hard top for fall the other day and as soon as I pulled off the driveway and turned to the right my front, driver side wheel is clicking/tapping. It is not clicking once per revolution however, usually about 1-4 clicks even when moving the tire slightly forward when turning right. So I threw her ass up on a lift, tried recreating the sound by turning the wheel all the way to the right (as if I am making a right hand turn) and rotated it several times. Nothing. Shook her around checked the u joints, no noise or play, checked the driveshaft no play or pinning inside, tightened the track bar bolts, drag link, sway bars, castle nuts under all ball joints. Then decided to inspect the brakes. Took off the spacers, cross drill rotors, brakes, EVERYTHING. I literally cannot figure out what this noise is and it sounds like paper tapping against eachother when you turn. I took it to Hendrick Jeep and they said they couldn't find anything lose or out of place. Axle seals have been replaced by the last owner not too long ago, transmission was replaced 30k miles ago.

First off, I don't think it is the driveshaft or driveshaft u joint because it should be clicking/tapping when turning either way regardless. The balljoints, nuts, and u joints to the wheels are all nice and tight no play or noises coming from them. No popping coming from wheel bearings or any type of noises when the wheels were off the ground. It would seem that the weight of the vehicle when on the ground is causing the tapping by the tire but I cannot locate it. If anyone has had any luck figuring a noise like this out let me know because if I knew what it was believe me I'd fix it.