Is it totaled?

Is it totaled

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Nov 14, 2023
2016 JK

Rear ended at around 45mph Friday night and was propelled into vehicle in front of me.

Is it totaled?

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At a minimum it appears that there is damage to the bumpers, tailgate, rear qtr, taillight, frame, possibly rear door(s)... Hard to see if the top has damage or anything else from the pictures. Possibly it could be repaired but I think would be totalled from an insurance perspective...
I voted It's totalled. If you look at your hardtop by your front doors, it looks popped up. This is due to your frame in the rear bending downward. This is why your rear doors look like they're open at the top too. On top of the other visible damage and the damage underneath that is not pictured, I'm going to say insurance will quote you $12,000 ball park.
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Just be thankful it wasn’t worse and there were no serious injuries, or worse!
I’m in the final stages of rebuilding my Harley after getting hit, and I’ll recommend that you rely on your insurance carrier to determine the value and extent of the damages.
Then take the money and RUN!

I could have been riding again 2+ months ago if I had accepted the payout & replaced the bike.
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2016 JK

Rear ended at around 45mph Friday night and was propelled into vehicle in front of me.

Is it totaled?

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With a Jeep, the real question is generally how much the repair will cost. I was T-boned in an intersection. The truck that hit me in the driver's door, but was stopped by the rock rails, was obviously totaled. The whole front end was caved in. My Rubicon was more or less still drivable. The insurance company, the body shop, and I wrangled (heh) about it, but the body shop would not guarantee they would not exceed their repair estimate. The visible damage was mostly easily repairable, but it appeared that the frame was slightly bowed, which was another can of worms entirely. So, even though it looked repairable, the insurance company choked on the cost. The weird part was they paid out a good deal more for me to replace my Rubicon than the estimated cost of repair even with extra costs to replace the frame. I'm guessing you are looking at a similar cost. It looks like the driver's side of the frame is out.