How to install Apple CarPlay in a Jeep Wrangler JK


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Sep 28, 2015
Florence, AZ
Apple CarPlay makes it easier (as well as safer) to control and, in most cases, improve your driving experience for continued entertainment, excitement and musical variety. The popular application is compatible with the iPhone and most android devices. Best of all, getting set up is easy and straightforward. You won't need to visit a specialist, but you will need to follow a few instructions, which are outlined here for your convenience, along with a few great links for your continued reading. So, grab your phone, hop into your Jeep Wrangler and let's get started!


Materials Needed
  • Firmware update
  • iPhone or android phone
  • SD card or flash driver
  • USB cord
Step 1 – Choose your receiver
For a basic receiver, we recommend installing the AppRadio 4 smartphone receiver by Pioneer. It features a touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Siri Eyes Free and a long list of other applications as well as features. Or, you could go with a more advanced receiver such as the Avic-NEX, which is also manufactured by Pioneer. It comes with a DVD player, GPS, a more sophisticated touchscreen and more.


Figure 1. Syncing up CarPlay.

Step 2 – Download your firmware file
  • Save the firmware file to a flash drive.
  • Once you're done, head to your Jeep Wrangler and plug the flash drive into port #1.
  • If you used an SD card, go ahead and slide it into the SD port.

Figure 2. Save the information to a USB flash drive.

Pro Tip
Updates are available online by visiting the website of the manufacturer who made your receiver; for example, Pioneer. However, your receiver must be compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Step 3 – Access your menu options
  • Press Sttings.
  • Go to System Information.
  • Select Firmware Update.
  • Click through all of the on-screen prompts, including the warning screen.
  • Click Start, as directed on the screen.
  • Allow the unit to reboot (this step could take 5-10 minutes or more)


Figure 3. Select "Firmware Update."

Step 4 – Plug in your iPhone or android phone
To complete the installation process, go ahead and plug your phone into your receiver using a USB cord; you should have already downloaded the app to your phone. (You may need to unlock your phone before continuing. You now have CarPlay on your phone and it is ready to be used with your receiver.


Figure 4. CarPlay offers a wide range of features for your enjoyment.

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Jul 30, 2020
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I just recently installed a new CarPlay radio into my 2008 Wrangler. At first the radio worked great, and i could play music from my iphone, but the bluetooth functionality didn't work to make/answer calls handsfree (even when plugged in via USB cable). When i went back to get that fixed....i was told due to me having a premium sound system in the old jeep, it wasn't always compatible with newer radios. Resource from BestBuy that did the install had to detach my tweeter speakers to somehow get the bluetooth working. Now that bluetooth is working to answer/place calls but the radio sounds really tinny and echo like. Anyone heard of this? I'm now being told to buy an amp to help power the speakers to make them sound less tinny....but i'm having a hard time believing a newer radio can't work with all my factory speakers. Especially when it was working perfectly fine just w/out bluetooth functionality. Not trusting BestBuy auto group is doing the proper installation or troubleshooting