Help on dying at idle and chugging acceleration


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Feb 1, 2023
Hey, my 2007 jk has recently been giving me grief. It started dying while idle, and recently when I'm going highway speeds and and accelerate quickly it'll start chugging and the check engine light will start blinking furiously. I've done a throttle body clean out, changed the map a year ago and also changed spark plugs and wire over a year ago as well.
Never had it personally but I’ve heard a few people mention that it’s possible the insulation on the hood to get sucked into the intake and starve out the motor.
By chance have loose insulation around the intake? Remember to look at the underside of the hood.
The only code I pulled was loose gas cap, evap leak. I swipped recently when I was diagnosing another issue with the vapor leak detection pump. And as for the loose insulation, everything is good
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