Electrical issues after engine work


New Member
Sep 17, 2023
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Good morning...I'll try my best to describe my issue. I did some engine work to my 2012 Wrangler. Moved the fuse box without disconnecting anything. Disconnected a lot of points from both left and right harnesses. plugged everything back correctly during assembly. Now, I am getting a "P0480-cooling fan 1 control circuit/open" code. The radiator fan is not operating. I have reset the ECM but did not resolve the issue. I did not yet re-check or reseat any connectors on that side of the harness. Additionally, the fan worked fine before this work was done.

Also (and it may be linked) the A/C compressor clutch turns off and on while it is still hot in the jeep whereas it worked fine before.