ECT Broke Off

The torque spec for the thermostat housing is 106 in-lbs. I do not have one for the ECT but I'd go with that.
The 3.8L has a two piece intake manifold. You're going to need to replace the lower piece, sadly.
Yeah, that’s a big job. I just don’t have the time right now with work, so this is going to get a shop work. Ugh
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Just an update.

Without time right now, two Jeep shops in Austin don’t have time for at least 30 days.

A friend has a shop, and luckily they have 2 shop vehicles, both Jeeps with the JK. Head mechanic laughed, said now he knows the 3.8 big time.

They found an eBay lower manifold and will obviously be putting in the new manifold gaskets, so should be good after.

PO must have cranked down that ECT a and when I tried to get it off, it went sideways. All this probably needed to be pulled and redone, so it’ll be a blessing in disguise.